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How we differ

The Meditour is founded and managed by experienced doctors and professionals with vast experience in healthcare services and state of the art technologies.


"I am fully involved in the process and will be with you at every stage; evaluation of your problem, selection of your healthcare provider as well as during your follow up. I will make sure that you get undivided attention at every stage with The Meditour" by Kalpna Singh, Founder.


We use modern technologies such as telemedicine, tele radiology, e-OPD, e-diet chart, ehealth, web conferencing which makes the entire process, seamless, secure and extremely efficient.


We can also arrange for trained manpower to escort the patient right from the place of his choice anywhere in the world, to the hospital chosen for treatment in India.


we provide trained personal care manager to escort you at every stage of your journey to healthier condition

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