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Follow Up

Our involvement with our valued patients continues even after they return to their home country.


The idea is to be available for the patient in case he needs some help in his country.


This is normally done by getting the opinion of the surgeon here or at times getting your local doctor and the treating doctor discuss among themselves towards the problems of the patient.

The following are the ways we try and remain associated with the patients.
India Meditour

Keep in touch with the patients on a regular basis through emails

India Meditour

During the process of follow up, arrange a call between the patient and the treating doctor in India

India Meditour

If need arises, arrange a call among Referral Doctor, Patient and the Treating doctor in India

India Meditour

Arrange Follow up camps in various countries through different hospitals and inform all our patients through email about it, so that they can also come and get themselves checked

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