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About Us

The IndiaMediTour is managed by experienced professional with vast experience in healthcare services.


Best quality, affordable cost and prompt treatment are always key elements for opting treatment in foreign country. We have specially focused on these elements in selecting various hospitals and doctors for satisfying your needs.


Our partner hospitals and medical centers are amongst the largest, most trusted and internationally accredited. The specialists doctors we work with are all board certified by reputed medical institutions and have extensive experience treating international patients.


We add value to the clients, starting from deciding the best and suitable service provider, treatment option and medical advices during treatment and follow up.We also provide additional services, from the moment of arrival in India right until leaving for your own country. These include alternate medicine services, travel and leisure services.

Our Mission

To deliver our patients Health Tourism services based on a commitment to patient safety and exceptional service quality at affordable rates.

Our Vision

To be a premier company in combining healthcare and leisure with the aim to provide a memorable experience through our services of serving patients undergoing medical treatment and facilitating an enriching experience of Indian tourism and culture.

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